Drumroll please! Our New Control Panel!!

In a one-hour tutorial, the most common feedback I get is, “I’m overwhelmed… let me think about this.”  It is a LOT to soak in.

And I’ve spent weeks if not months, thinking about how to sort through the tutorials available and make them digestible.  Instead of trying to teach all the stuff you might need to know, how about I just do it for you?

And you focus on what you do best: your business.

In order for you to fully appreciate the huge difference, here’s the before pic:


TA DA:  THIS is the new control panel:


Here is a quick walk-through of the new steamlined features:

Features include:

  • Easy access to the Control Panel – you don’t have to remember the login link!
  • Only 2 panels to enter your content into with clear names: Blogs or Pages
  • Site stats on Control Panel – no wading through Google Analytics!
  • All Maintenance and Upgrades taken care of
  • Regular Security Sweeps
  • Support by a Friendly Geek to change any settings or features
  • Direct Access to Tutorials
  • Direct Access to your Email
  • Direct Access to Support at Your Friendly Geeks Account

What do you think?  Do you love it?

Notice how fast this page loads?

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