Genesis Framework Snippets

I’ve debated for several months whether or not to post my Genesis Framework snippets here. Usually we keep to material that makes it easier for clients to use and maintain their WordPress sites. This post, in contrast, will be a list of Genesis Framework snippets and tutorials that I use for developing child themes. I look forward to your feedback!

Standard (the big list of) Genesis Framework Snippets list of tutorials. Snippets below are in addition to those.

Customizing Admin UI

* Best list I’ve found so far for editing the admin UI is Bill Erickson’s
* Brian Gardner’s Admin Management snippets
* Nick Croft’s Adding Genesis sub-menu item

Add Custom Post Type

There are a lot of examples. This is the go-to list of arguments for them: this post by Justin Tadlock.

Head Section

Add a banner image from the page’s featured image. Fall back on a default image.

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Add 3rd nav with separate file

*Download example topnav.php.
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Add a second header to the blog section

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Special Design Cases

Selectively Remove Page Title

* See Bill Erickson’s snippets to put this control in the hands of the client
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Change the loop inside a template

Codex Query page has list of args.
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Re-arrange post Title, Image, Content & Change Image classes

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]


Comments Header with #’s

Guessing here but it looks like code from Nick Croft. From StudioPress forums.
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Edit Comments Form

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Edit Comments Display

[sws_code language=”html”] [/sws_code]

Page Navigation Functions

Edit older/newer post nav text

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Reverse “older/newer” post nav

@credit: Nick Croft
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Add Navigation to single post pages

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Widgets & Widget Areas

Insert MailChimp Signup Form

Download sample newsletter.php here. Replace “xxx” with your unique MailChimp link.
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Change home.php content

[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]


Conditional for Child & GrandChild Pages

Credit: WordPress codex
[sws_code language=”php”] [/sws_code]

Notice how fast this page loads?

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  1. says

    That’s a very useful one, but to where exactly do we add these codes? secondly, is there any screenshot to help us know how exactly our sites will look like when we add the codes?


    • Cathy Tibbles says

      These are a collection of snippets that I use as a developer in either new templates in the child theme or the child theme’s functions. for the complete guide on creating a child theme for Genesis – see the COMPLETE beginner’s guide at

    • Cathy Tibbles says

      Hi David,
      Create a new page, and give it the template “portfolio” if a template is available. If you’re creating your own custom page, just change the url (field located under the page title).


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