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Did you know that I’m self-taught? I’ve never taken a course or any official training in html, css, php, or WordPress. I read like … wait a second – what reads a lot? Anyhow, I learn primarily by studying others and reading. How do you learn? I know we all have various styles…

On a side note, Ana and I have been talking about doing a Google Hang Out periodically to answer your questions and do a conversational-style of teaching instead of posts/reading style. Would you be interested in that? Let me know!

Onwards. Today I really had it in my heart to let you know about a great resource that many of you are missing. Here’s why this one blogger is so important to your success:

– he is the authority on social marketing and networking (and not selly, selly – actually making old fashioned relationships – except online ones; its a puzzle and he breaks it down step by step)

– he is a sought after speaker on all things marketing and social media related – including managing your online reputation

– he is a pupil of human behavior which makes him insanely interesting to be around. His insights and stories are always funny as h-e-double-hockey-sticks or heart melting. Lately full of warm fuzzies.

There is only one newsletter I read faithfully. One. (Sorry!) And its his. There are others I should read (and do occasionally) like Duct Tape Marketing, Search Engine Land, and Copyblogger. But frankly the amount of information is a bit overwhelming. And it took me a while to figure out the lingo in those newsletters, which means more reading just to be able to read the newsletter!  But the newsletter from this blogger is so beautifully crafted and so immediately relevant that I need to do everything I can to get you to subscribe. Implementing his suggestions and learning from him will grow your business. I guarantee it. (Well not really – but I’m certain you’ll grow from it).

coffee-cupSo yeah. You should subscribe. Like yesterday. You can send me flowers or chocolate or both when you realize what a gift it is.

Obviously – its Chris Brogan’s Newsletter. Sign up here.

PS – I get absolutely nothing for posting this. Its not an affiliate thing. I just appreciate how much I’ve learned from him and I want you to too.

Notice how fast this page loads?

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