Important Message regarding W3 Total Cache

Update from the kind folks at Synthesis (aff link):

Huge credit goes to Frederick Townes and the W3 Edge team for being proactive and diligent in correcting the issues that several hosts encountered. W3 Total Cache is a great plugin, which is why we recommend it to every site we host as well as providing Synthesis-specific settings in your welcome email.

Update and deploy with confidence!

whatto-knowFirst – let me say we love W3 Total Cache and will continue to recommend it as the most robust and flexible caching plugin out there. And secure. Did we say secure?

But for now – leave your W3 Total Cache UN-upgraded.  There have been some issues with upgrades that are wide spread enough to warrant a bit of caution. Check back to this post for updates and when we think its safe to upgrade, we will let you know. This information comes from the smart people at Synthesis, who I trust with my hosting needs, and recommend exclusively for anyone who gets more than 1,200 unique visitors a day to their WordPress site.


  1. says

    I always update my plugins, for so far never had troubles with it. Yesterday I was in the first place happy to see there was a new update for w3total cache, and it worked for so far I saw great, till I checked my page speed insight which was dropped from 96/100 to 91/100, after a while I read everywhere about the issues, and my admin panel gets slowed by the minute. I have disabled the plugin and also removed it completly. Install the plugin again from scratch brought me even more troubles, it took forever to disable the plugin and also for the load time of my website. I have disabled the plugin and uninstall it. Website works fine now

    • Cathy Tibbles says

      If you have a busy website caching is necessary. And this is the best plugin out there. Hopefully the next upgrade will see this bug fixed!

  2. says

    Is this fixed as I have been having other issues. My site will be fine one minute and then the next the theme is gone and everything is left aligned. I didn’t realize it was the W3 until yesterday when I deactivated it and the theme went back to normal view.

    • Cathy Tibbles says

      Yes, the upgrade fixed the problems. But you might need to completely uninstall. Including the files in the wp-content and wp-content/plugins directories. Let me know if you need a hand. (love the new gravitar by the way!)

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