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Twitter icon set

For Your Readers:

You will learn lots from these little slides, but your readers, whether pro- or anti- Twitter will appreciate this.  This is a slideshow, 140 slides, with one tweet on each one – that is 140 characters – easy peasy.  They are the best wisdom and guidelines for twittering.  It will answer the “Why-on-earth-do-you-do-that?” types, and be eye-opening for the newbie tweeter.

For Design Inspiration:

It seems that every time I go site-surfing to find a graphic, I stumble upon more great designing websites and online magazines.  My reader is chock full of them.  And to be honest, I still only go to my fave’s: webdesigndepot, freelanceswitch, and smashing magazine.  Those are the ones I can’t live without.  HERE is the list of websites on the Smashing Magazine‘s “Network” launched last Nov., most of these are already in my reader, and some are just brilliant.  Now they are all compiled on the front page of smashing – no more hopping around for the good stuff!!

For Your Business

Question MarkThere are hundreds of you signed up to receive updates via email or reader.  And since I only get a few questions per week through the contact form here and even fewer comments, I simply need to ask – Who are you?  What would you like to know about WordPress?

See the newsletter this month for my survey – and as a thank you for participating, I’ve purchased this exclusively for you-  “Press Releases & Template” – it is full of everything you need to know to fully realize the marketing value in press releases.  I learned a lot while reading this and intend to use it on this site.  Click here to go directly to the survey.

For YOU:

Recently uploaded to the Members Center:

  • Twitter Icons (unique, high quality)
  • Handy Icons  (social networking hand drawn in color – very nice)
  • Glossy E-Commerce Icons (for your stores)
  • Feed Icons for Designers (a huge assortment of RSS standard icons)
  • What to Do When a Reporter Calls (pdf)
  • How to Build Your First Media List (pdf)

For everyone:

Notice how fast this page loads?

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