Results of Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated and sent your comments!

Survey Results:

1.  What technical/blogging information do you need?

  • over 50% of you said, “I’m a Geek Wannabe – Teach me!”
  • next was “How to do the basics – images, plugins”
  • followed closely by “You can do it for me!”

2.  How often do you look for help/answers?

  • 70% said, “Regularly, I’m a ‘why’ person.”

3.  Where do you get your answers?

  • Google and Yours Truly were tied for 80% of you (you are such a smart bunch.)

4.   How important are the following topics?

  • Writing came in surprisingly low in importance to 90% of you!  This is probably because you feel somewhat competent in this area already.
  • Most important topic to 66% of you was SEO/ Being Seen
  • followed closely by how to design, and Pro-Blogging (making money)
  • 0% of you thinks that technology news is important!

5.  Should I show off the new design?

Only one of you questioned my insatiable desire to get the website ‘right’.  I have the nicest clients ever (or we all have the crazy habit of re-arranging our furniture on a regular basis.)

Thank you very much for your feedback. It will indeed shape the future of this blog.  I intend to focus on monetizing your websites, maintaining them, and things you need to know – with a big ol’ BUY NOW button for those of you who prefer to outsource your technical support.  :)

Free Downloads:

If you haven’t received the Press Release Guide & Template, it is now downloadable in the Desperately Seeking WordPress Client Center, along with “How to Build Your Media List”, and “What to do when a reporter calls”.  Along this vein, are 5 More Creative Ways to Get Publicity (free for everyone).

Notice how fast this page loads?

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