10% Coupon for Genesis by StudioPress for Developers

Now is the time!

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing the StudioPress / Genesis package, and humming and hawing over it – now is the time!  The price is going up next month!  We are not usually early adopters into software – I like to play it safe for a little while – see how it does, if support is going to wane, what the reviews are going to be like.

Mashable calls Genesis the “best of the best” among premium frameworks.

Adopting early into StudioPress has been one of the best decisions of my career!

Here’s what you get for $299 at the moment:

  • incredible support!! Way beyond the normal support in forums – these developers expect that Genesis will be taken and twisted to our clients’ needs and are ready to help.
  • 44 professionally designed themes (with PSDs)
  • unlimited upgrades to each and every one (they tend to keep the child themes updated before adding new ones – so the child themes are always up to date both design-wise and code-wise)
  • Search Engine Optimized by Greg Boser (we still use SEO for WP by Yoast plugin)
  • Secured code by Mark Jaquith
  • small selection of custom widgets, we add some more of our own
  • Free upgrades for life (Genesis 1.8 came out with built-in responsiveness)
  • Free themes for life (see #2) & any additional ones
  • Over 65,000 installations so far, so people like Bill Erickson and Nick the Geek are developing awesome advanced tutorials
This package is NOT for those who cannot ‘speak’ php or edit a file via FTP.

I have heard many, many complaints from people who think Genesis will be “easy” to edit. And it is easy, if you know php. Instead of having to write templates, have them go out of date, and then have to re-write them on every major upgrade or security release, you can let the Framework do that heavy lifting. As a developer, we only need to ‘hook’ into those things we want to change, and the framework does the rest.

If that sounds like greek to you, contact me! I’d love to work with you as your developer! You can still have the benefits of the Genesis Framework – you might just need a little help to get it customized to your liking.

Get 10% off Genesis

Before the price increases January 31!  

Use discount code TEN to get 10% off between now and then.  If you can edit php, and you are a WordPress developer – this is a must!

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