Time to Hit the SEO Bandwagon

Okay girls (& guys), its time we figured out a thing or two about how to get our blogs to show up in Google searches.  Personally, I’ve postponed, avoided, dreaded, and dabbled with it, but haven’t simply done it.  And now we’ve arrived at a new year, the internet is buzzing louder than ever, and there is more information than one girl can ever get through.  So I have a proposition for you.

I’ll do the research.  I’ll read up on the best sites.  I’ll read the Webmaster documentation straight from the horses mouth.  And I’ll present to you digestible bits.  If you have trouble actually applying these bits to your website, lets help each other in the comment section of each topic.  Lets avoid publishing yet another article on SEO for beginners, rather I hope to help you digest & apply the information that is already out there.

Last week my 9 year old daughter was complaining about how slow the desktop computer is.  And I am in complete agreement – the thing is a dinosaur.   It really hit me, that I was talking about an old computer that is only 4 years old!  Do you remember the TRS80?  Now that is old!  That thing was not even windows-based; we had a big black screen from which we could type commands like run, open, close.

Today computers are common-place.  Netbooks were on sale last week for under $300.  Then consider that last October, there were on average, 3,133,333 searches per day[1. ComScore.com] on Google.   My point is that I know there are people who want to read what you have written, or purchase what you are selling, but the question is – can they find you?? Unfortunately great content is no longer enough to get your site in google search results.  Our sites need to be “search engine optimized” or SEO.

So, after much angst, I have decided it is time. Yes ma’am, it’s time we learn a few things about Google and getting our sites ‘listed’, don’t you think?  First, we’ll go over the easy stuff – installing a plugin or two.  And then each week, I’ll present some new bits that I’ve learned in plain English, along with step-by-step tutorials for optimizing our sites for search engines.

I’m so excited about this!  I know that I write great content – and I know there are lots of bloggers who want to read this sort of thing!  How about you?  Do you have your niche defined?  Are you a good writer?  Do you have content to share with others?  Would anyone be glad they visited your site?  If so, we have some work to do!!  Why don’t you join me next week, when we start with the basics of search engine optimization, and I will help you install some plugins?

Notice how fast this page loads?

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    Hi, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the great work Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Jenni.


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