My Very First Top Ten: A Carnival, Free eCourse, and Top Blogs

Photobucket Oh Amanda (she’s very purpley) has a very funny blog, and apparently a top ten Tuesday carnival.  So you can get the topic from her (at least I did this afternoon), and join up!  You enter your link in the mr. linky and then visit other bloggers to read their top ten posts.  If you participate regularly in this carnival, or others, you will eventually meet some great people (okay you WILL meet great people) and make some great friends. This Tuesday?  Top Ten Blogging Blogs & Free E-books!!  Now you know why I’m particpating right?  How could I miss the chance to post all the great blogs that inspire me in my blogging?  (and currently – in my SEO research!).  Here’s my top 10 – REALLY TOP 10.

  1. Copyblogger (if you’re planning on buying Thesis anyway, do so through Copyblogger’s link, and you can get the SEOSchool book from Naomi (IttyBiz)  (By the way, I also sell Thesis as an affiliate,  and I’m telling you about copyblogger’s link.  This is why I need this blog:
  2. IttyBiz (Free Marketing course specifically for your niche – several broad areas. ) They do NOT have one for plain-stupid marketers, I looked.  So I got the one for ‘creatives’.  Not that the two are related.  In any way.
  3. Problogger’s Newsletter – at the bottom of any post, you can sign up for the newsletter.  Why the newsletter?  Well, if you’re anything like me, the thought of keeping up with that guy and all his posts, and learnin’ makes you head to kitchen to stuff your face with Doritos.  Since that’s no good, and since I signed up by accident for his newsletter (don’t ask), I’ve discovered I LOVE the newsletter format – I get the best of the best, and in bite sized pieces (once a week).  Doritos, bite sized.  It must be dinner time.
  4. Pearsonified – SEO for everybody – great tips!  I waffled on posting this one, the author gets on my nerves on twitter.  But his posts are REALLY worth it!  lol
  5. – for the inner-geek.  Ever wanted to know where somebody was hosted?  How long it takes to open up your site?  All kinds o
  6. CSS Reference site (in plain english)  This isn’t a blog, per se, but it is open ALL the time on my desktop.
  7. Cute cartoons for your blog – always good bloggy discussion-starters.
  8. This is the guy who started  And I follow him in sort of a mother-ish way.
  9. Weblog Tools Collection – you see this in your dashboard
  10. The Blog Herald (and their contributor, Lorelle VanFossen – the author of the first blogging book I ever purchased.)  Yeah, go buy THAT too, I never said I was a marketing guru!

Fun carnival – Thanks Amanda (and thanks for the link!!)


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