Limousine Service { Moving to WordPress }

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Small Print

We call this our Limousine Service because we move websites / blogs to WordPress in style!  We’ll pick you up at your Blogger blog (or Typepad or Moveable Type or …), ask you for a few passwords or other details, and then deposit you, your readers, happy search engines, and happy subscribers into your new blog home.

Blogger to WordPress

We have been moving people from, Blogger, Moveable Type, and Typepad (& other smaller services too) for over 3 years. We know how important your readers are. We know that the subscribers don’t like to find an empty feed when they are expecting your blog posts. And we know what Google likes to see when it scans your blog. By purchasing the Limousine service, you don’t have to worry about .htaccess scripts, broken links, cranky search engines or empty feeds. You don’t even have to know what any of those are!

Everything is going great!  I’ve spent some time snooping around to get the feel of everything and I’m so glad I (you!) made the switch.  Everyone is finding my blog, the comments are working, and I feel good about the whole thing!  I even managed to follow some simple instructions to enable mobile blogging from my Blogpress app!  Thanks for all you help during this whole transition!  I don’t think it could have gone any better!   ~mamaneena

Our Limo {Transfer} Service Includes

  • latest stable WordPress release
  • 1 Genesis Child Theme (does not include any custom styles)
  • 1-3 hours answering questions and walking you through the process, advising on themes, and hosting, etc.
  • we add domain mapping to your blogger account (or other service, if needed), 30 min.
  • create a new WP installation with all essential plugins (individual cost $390)
      • configure SEO plugin
      • configure backup plugin
      • configure contact form and add to a new page
      • configure basic links in navigation bar
      • add anti-spam plugins & configure
      • set up avatars, commenting options, and social networking auto-publishing options
      • set up sharing icons beneath posts (if desired)
      • add editor and sidebar extensions to make them easier to use
      • add 17 instructional videos to introduce you to WordPress
      • configure permalinks to match the blogger permalinks
      • install the theme (which we can customize for an additional fee)
  • hit the import button 
  • import all sidebar content, page content, (30 min – 2 hours)
  • configure Google Analytic options, & Feedburner (few minutes)
  • fix all permalinks from blogger (or other services) – custom script
  • add 301 redirects manually if needed, add forwarding to htaccess file (20 min – 2 hours)
  • add a javascript to forward your readers from old site to new in case they have the old blogspot address still bookmarked (custom script)
  • import all your images (30 min – 2+hours)
  • add your email address to your new domain, help you to fetch emails to your desired program (optional)
  • 1 month of Unlimited Email Support

Package FAQ

Q: Will you move my design?

A: Except in rare cases, the design cannot be moved to WordPress without customizing a theme for you. See our design packages for more information

Q: What designs are included for my new website?

A:Choose from thousands at the theme repository or select a premium theme (included) from StudioPress!

Q: Who do you recommend for hosting?

A:  Us of course! View the packages here.

Q: Will I loose the search engine ranking I’ve built up?

A: If your website is on a domain name like, then the answer is no. You will keep your ranking. If your website is on an addon domain name like, then contact us for recommendations before you make the move.

Q: Will there be downtime involved?

A: Most of the time, no. We know how important it is to keep your site working and we will do that. Contact us to discuss the process.

Fascinating Small Print

This package price is only available for Blogger to WordPress blogs with a download size of 64MB or less.  You can find your blog’s download size using these instructions.  If your site is larger, contact us for a quote.

Getting Started with Web Hosting · Service Level Agreement
* This package does not include hosting – we can install WordPress on your web host.

FEES: $490