Here at WPbarista, we know that website maintenance can seem impossibly complicated. However, we strive to provide an easy experience in answer to those crazy-hard questions. 

No matter what you hoped to find here today, whether that is design, hosting, help-me-I-broke-something or anything in-between, rest assured that our fast and friendly staff can help! We also have training and troubleshooting programs to help you keep up with whatever comes your way.

Hi! I’m Cathy. I am an entrepreneur, total website nerd and big proponent of “Customers First”. With my twelve years in WPBarista and countless more in customer service, I’ve had to learn to listen first and serve diligently. I strive to make sure all those I am lucky enough to call clients are heard and helped. 

As a CEO and a person, I have always placed a focus on learning and adapting to better help and bring out the best in those around me. Come meet the rest of our awesome team! 

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