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Influencers (Bloggers) have told us:

  • they get confusing advice from ‘experts’
  • they’ve tried all the advice and can’t determine its success
  • or what was working isn’t any more
  • they are frustrated with the permanent traffic dips
  • they’ve wasted $1000’s on courses and coaches that didn’t help

Influencers & Bloggers We Work With

proven results

Results-Driven, Science-Backed Tactics

The most common thing I hear, by a long shot, is,

“I’m sorry. I’m not very technical”.

And my response is always the same,

“Your time is likely better spent elsewhere. We’re good at this! You’re the expert at your craft. We make a great team!”

At WPB we work our buns off to provide extraordinary service – that reputation is our very bread and butter.



Implementing modern user psychology will produce a minimum of 20% more clicks on every call to action.

Response Time

30 min

Between 6am and 6pm we strive to answer within 30 minutes.



Our Maintenance plans include security scans and remediation.


We have a stellar reputation for friendly, fast and professional service.

How to Work with WPB

Cathy M


Meetings with Cathy Mitchell are available daily. If you need to discuss strategy, tactics and budget, you can schedule a meeting here.


Ordering from the website is available for a few services here. Most of the time, we get to craft a specific plan just for your website. After a meeting, we create a quote for you.

Once the quote is accepted (online), a deposit invoice is automatically generated.

Once the invoice is paid, the services are scheduled and you’ll receive an email with next steps.

Dianne E


You’ll be invited to our collaboration portal and you are welcome to be as involved as you would like. You have access to the team during business hours.

We cannot be responsible for the website after you have complete admin access. Full terms are here.


For 15 years we have been 100% referral based. If you appreciate our services, we ask that you share WPB with friends and colleagues.

Public reviews are also very much appreciated.