Develop Your Personal Brand with Peace of Mind and Confidence.

If you’re overwhelmed with everything that goes into creating a personal brand, you’re in the right place. Take a deep breath! It IS a lot – but just like everyone before you, it only happens one step at a time.

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Keep your goal top of mind – whether to spread a kind message, or be the role model you never had, all of this work has a powerful purpose.

Start with you, discover your brand, your target audience and your messaging.

Discover the strategies you need to get from Idea to Audience. Pick the first one and plan it out.

Do, do, do. Get help and resources you need. Schedule analysis & planning. And do the hard work.

Ready to Discover the Right Strategy for you?

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Your Geeky Girlfriend, Cathy.

Cathy Tibbles-Mitchell founded WP Barista in 2007 and has had the honor of consulting with Stanford Medical team, Jack Frost Designs, Lia Griffith, Beth Moore and many more. More bragging here.

Cathy spends her days with clients and teammates and her three young-adult daughters on the lovely west-coast of Canada. Her free time is spent renovating her home, working out, reading books and occasionally at the dance studio.

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