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10 Years of WordPress & The Future of WPBarista

Friends! It’s a big week at WPBarista!

One – it’s my birthday. That’s enough reason in itself, right?

Two – 2017 also marks the 10th year of business for us!

(It has been a subdued party because I managed to announce – loudly – that it was my 10th business anniversary in 2016. Those who know me, will not be surprised at that! )

So, let’s talk top 10 moments.  How about a giveaway? And some introductions! Then I’m very excited to paint the picture of the future at WPBarista and what kinds of services and support you can expect moving forward.

Top 10 most memorable moments in the history of WPBarista

  1. Heather (the original founder of WPBarista) gets married! This little side gig becomes mine to steer.
  2. Melanie Shankle & Beth Moore give this newcomer a stab at their blog designs. Thank you Melanie & Beth’s team!! The tiny links at the bottom of your blogs were the biggest sources of traffic for years!
  3. Anna becomes my first assistant and holds my hand through innumerable growth pains. During the beginning years, some amazingly patient bloggers risked relying on me, and my ability to figure it out! These ladies will forever have my gratitude.
  4. Brian Gardner forces Genesis on us, which I reluctantly begin to learn. I had to stop hacking, and start learning PHP! Although I went kicking and screaming into the {php} void, I could not be more thankful for that decision now!
  5. Copyblogger assimilates StudioPress: more kicking and screaming. What will happen to my dear community? Will the resources still be available? Will the support? Fortunately, we are 7 years in, and the support is still amazing!
  6. I become gravely ill in 2011 and response times plummet. I lose 30% of our clients and business takes a huge dip. I come back with a true personal appreciation for each and every person who stuck by me – they truly didn’t have any obligation to. { I have the sweetest clients }
  7. We move from Desperately Seeking WordPress to DSWP Website Services to WPBarista. Learn a lot about business online from Chris Brogan, attend a live intensive with him in NYC.
  8. Stanford University hires me to develop their sites on WordPress. I end up as a consultant a few times over the years. In this ever-changing and ever-growing industry, this was a huge encouragement to keep going.
  9. We introduce a monthly retainer program which takes off! And today is the mainstream of our business! It turns out y’all like to let us handle the tech stuff on your blog!
  10. 4 years ago, Dianne joined my side and we’ve been working together ever since.


The Team at WPBarista Now!

Look at us now!

One of my personal goals in business has always been to have a large staff. I love to manage personally and deeply. I want to hire and support other families as I am. My goal is to have 10 employees in the Western Hemisphere and 10 in the Eastern! Here’s who we are today:

Dawn – Creative Artist
Dianne – Coder Extraordinaire!

Dawn and I have worked for the last year and a half on creative full design projects. Her degree is in Visual Design but you can find her drawing and journaling her heart out at Manila Graphic Design. She announced this weekend, that they are expecting! Congratulations Dawn!!

Dianne. Oh Dianne. She’s been my life-saver for years! She came to work for me as a newlywed, and now she’s in the throws of motherhood. They have a brand new baby boy and a toddler. Too cute for words. She started as a WP coder, now she is a Genesis genius, and javascript dabbler! When she’s not coding, she’s adventuring with her little family to beaches, events or ski hills.

Dannah – my right hand woman!
Rose – Online Marketing Specialist & WP Support

Dannah is what keeps me sane the last couple of years. When I started looking for an assistant after Anna, I was whining to Dianne about the interviewing process and she suggested her sister.

I admire Dannah so much. She’s single and working full time with a 1.5hr commute, and then helps me out on the side! The girl is a work horse! But without her to organize me, I’d be lost!

And that brings me to our most recent teammate – Rose. Rose came onboard to cover Dianne’s maternity leave. And I  just haven’t been able to let her go! She’s fully capable of running her own business but came to help me for a bit of behind the scenes look at how I’ve done it.

She has an obsession with learning! She’s ConvertKit certified, Google Analytics Certified, Google Adwords Certified and Yoast SEO certified. Rose is the communicator from heaven! She specializes in customer service. Although she has amazing skills in all kinds of areas, what I think sets her apart is her amazing ability to listen and respond!

What does the future hold for WPBarista?

Like any entrepreneur (read: dreamer) I have all kinds of ideas. But what we are going to get really good at first is the following:

  • 8hr max response time
  • crystal clear communication & feedback requested every time
  • More tutorials!
  • breaking news & warnings
  • 24hrs on the toll free line (planned for 2018)


To celebrate my age we’re giving away a $29 Gift Certificates to: Starbucks (or Amazon if SB isn’t your jam). Leave a comment here and leave a comment for each share you do too! Each comment counts as an entry. There are 10 GC to be won!

And I’d love the shares to spread the good news about 1) 10 amazing years and 2) how young I am.

Good luck!


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  1. I am a newbie, but am encouraged and impressed with your organization and daily emails! If only I had time to read them all and take full advantage of them! Happy #10

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