2 Tools for Easy Keyword Research

The right keywords are the foundation upon which all SEO efforts stand. If you choose the wrong keyword, all the SEO in the world will not help.

One of the best starting points for keyword research is your current site. Which words on your site are already ranking highly in search engines? Search your blog at The Hoth and it will give you hundreds of words. And it will let you know your position and whether you’re going up and down in search engine results.

And did I mention The Hoth is free?

Make note of the words that are doing well, and for which you want to do well.


At Ubersuggest we can enter your keywords and see a lot of important data. This data includes how often the word is searched, and how competitive it is.

The higher the search number, the better. The lower the competition the better. For competition, look for something less than .5. If it is anywhere close to 1.0 that means that the competition is very challenging to beat.

And this tool is free too!


Have questions about finding keywords?

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