20 Writing Topics That Should Still Appear on Every Business Blog

No.  The Business Blog is not dying in any real sense.  Perhaps some preconceived notion of a business blog is.  But the real reasons for writing a business blog still exist –  to give your company a personal voice, to create a loyal community, and to moderate your online reputation.  Before setting pen to paper or finger to key, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • the only things worth writing are those that support your website’s overall goals (trust, authority, branding, etc)
  • your blog will only be read if you do the work to gain an audience, and publicize it
  • anything you write will be permanent.  At least, you should consider it so.

With those things in mind, lets get started with the first 10 Writing Topics for your Business Blog.

10 Writing Topics for the first year

  1. Events – what happened this week that espouses the values and promotes the voice of your company?
  2. Tips to make better use of that product or service  Turn our Shoe Holders into Homework Organizers.
  3. Tutorial on a related topic of interest to your market.  How to get stellar lighting outdoors. (if you sell cameras)
  4. Announcements.  Version 2.0 has Arrived!
  5. Editorial – what happened in the news that needs your personal touch?  Bring your voice and espouse your company’s values.
  6. List Post – 20 Ways to Extend the Life of your Widgets.
  7. Poll – Ask a question – get feedback!   Which of these movies are you most likely to see this weekend?  A, B, C.
  8. Contest – offer a giveaway in exchange for some feedback.
  9. Photos.  Our office party – 2012.
  10. Interview. Interview with Friendly Staffer – Jim.

10 Evergreen Writing Topics

  1. Featured Client.  The 2012 Baby of the Year (you sell environmentally friendly diapers)
  2. Old & New.  Present a scrapbook of your company through the year. Our company 2011.
  3. Interview with Client.  Featuring – Power User Bill.
  4. Q & A.  How can we help you? 
  5. Review a product that coincides with yours.  (It may not be tasteful to review your own product.)  10 Knitting Needle Companies We Love (if you sell Yarn)
  6. Link Roundup.  Our Favorite Stories this Week on the Web.
  7. Recommend.  Partner up with a local or companion company.  Visit the Bakery Next Door, we have 10% off Coupons!
  8. Quotes.  This Quote Explains Why I Love My Job
  9. Your Turn.  I saw this on the way work today.  What do you think?
  10. Controversy – Present an issue with a new twist.  Our widgets are made with plastic – why? 

This is only the beginning.  Armed with these topics, put your best writing foot forward.  Keep your goals in mind.  Keep your key words in the article, and educate yourself on the art of Copywriting.  May I recommend Copyblogger.com and the free Copywriting e-book we produced last summer?

To your success,


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