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3 Hacks for Block Editor in WordPress 5.5

There are a few things that have been driving me crazy about the new block editor. If they are driving you up the wall too, I have an answer! Three hacks to the common maddening issues with the block Editor – at least for me!

Finding that parent element.

Like, seriously! Have you added columns and then tried to find the ‘columns‘ block (instead of the column block)? Finding it used to mean going to the block navigation, selecting the parent element with a mouse, scrolling back down to the page… hmff.

Block Editor Hack #1 – Hover over the block icon to find the parent element.

Block Editor Hack #2 – Move a block by holding down the arrow keys.

I had clicked on every button, the image, the block, the border… I had explored the ‘more’ menu, the new nav buttons at the top of the page. Am I the only one who could not figure out how to move a block?? I actually had go google it! Thank you Mr. Google. And the person who posted the tutorial that I can’t find right now.

#3 – My all time favorite Block Editor Hack: Finding a block with a forward slash

Have you found that using a mouse just adds time to your process? I certainly try to use it as little as possible. And the WP Block team has made that a priority with a little “/” hack. Type “/block-name” and it will pop up. Three <tab>, one <enter> and voila!

What about you? Have you found a hack to share? Let us know in the comments? Also – am I the only one who couldn’t move a block anywhere??

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