3 Step Plan to Leave the Blog over the Holidays

Change of plans! This was going to be a video series but I’m SICK. Like only – happens- when – you – want – to – enjoy – Christmas sick! I think I whine worse than my kids!

So, there will be NO videos – I will spare you the sad state of affairs over here. Instead I give you some pretty pictures:

Step 1: Automate

Use WordPress to schedule your posts. Whatever you do – do NOT stop posting because it’s the holidays. Lots of readers will be escaping family mayhem to read and relax on their laptops.

Once the post is scheduled you can access the short url, to schedule your social media promotions for that post. Use tools like hootsuite, buffer, board booster, tailwind, IFTT, Zapier and more. (Which ones do YOU use?)

And don’t forget to leave a note at the end of your posts that you can’t wait to get back to their comments as soon as the turkey coma has worn off – or some other cute way to let them know that you won’t be as responsive as usual.

Step 2: Peers

I don’t know about you, but this whole “intention” thing is new to me. And in the beginning of 2016 I was feeling very much out of my element. And everywhere I turned online it seemed to say that my intentions were to blame for not being an instant success.

It took discussing this with others similar to me to understand that my perception was skewed.

And the same is very true with the hours we work, as self-employed and the effort that we put in. If your friends constantly pull at you and are unhappy with the time you put in, you will be discouraged and try to work less.

If your friends are encouraging of you, proud of your efforts and, offer to help, you’re likely to feel better about your business, time and priorities.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you’re trying to get some time away, get some encouragement from those who value the same thing!” quote=”If you’re trying to get some time away, get some encouragement from those who value the same thing!”]

WHO we listen to, matters! If you’re trying to get some time away, get some encouragement from those who value the same thing!

Step 3: Lock the Door

While the cat’s away the mice will play, right? So it’s best to lock up the ‘house’ if you’re taking some digital time off. Here’s what we recommend:

1. Monitor uptime at pingdom.com
2. Monitor security through Google Alerts or Sucuri.net
3. Close comments unless they’ve left 2 approved comments.

1. Comment moderation.
2. Backups & upgrades
3. Monitor Google Analytics, Performance, SEO

Guess what??

We happen to do ALL of the above for only $47/mo for a limited time. And I’m waiving the set up fee for all bloggers who need to get away from their blogs over the holidays.

Need a break? Read about the VIP service here.

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