5 Must-Read Books for the Entrepreneur +1 for Canadian Entrepreneurs

I’m not a traditional ‘reader’.  I prefer to read in chunks.  There’ll be weeks on end where I barely read a paragraph.  And then there are weeks when I can’t manage to cook anything other than breakfast-for-supper, or get the minimum done at work – I have things to read.  

Lately I’m in a bit of a reading phase.  I want my little biz to make a difference in the world.  I want to reach out and touch the lives of other entrepreneurs and small business mavens.  I want to help!  I have all this knowledge bundled up in my noggin and it isn’t going anywhere!  So this post is just a few resources/books that you might be interested in:

The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber {$13.00 – worth every penny} This is for anyone struggling with growth.  When you’ve come to the end of your resources as a one-man or two-man shop, THIS is the book you need, hands down.  This will explain and guide you through the transition from a technician (being good at something) to an Owner – owning the business that is good at something.  Follow a young baker who is worn out and working 80 – 90 hour weeks, to a successful franchiser! Brilliant!

7 Steps to Small Business Marketing SuccessJohn Jantsch. {free e-book}  Down to earth advice.  Truly.  I have my own ‘ideal client’ in place and am actually DOING the exercises in this book (highly unusual for me).  Very easy read – love this writing style.

Canadian Small Business Kit For Dummies, Margaret Kerr & JoAnn Kurtz {$63.00 Softcover – I have no idea why  its so expensive. I borrowed it from our library}.  Kinda late to be reading this but the resources that they have littered through out for Canadians are priceless.  Easy to jump to the section you need and leave the rest.

TrustAgents, Chris Brogan and Julien Smith {$10 Softcover} How to go beyond information and gain trust in your communities online.  This is excellent for those that are reticent about the growth of social media and confusion over its role in a company.  If you’ve no idea why anyone would use Twitter or any Social Media – THIS Is the book for you.  Hands Down.  If you’re social-media savvy and have an understanding of the golden rule as it applies to LinkedIn, this will be basic.

The Introverts Guide to Success in Business and Leadership, Lisa Petrilli. { $7.99 e-book } I am getting warm fuzzies and tons of encouragement from this one on using my introversion (is that a word?) as a strength to build teams and relationships.  A MUST READ if you’re an introvert trying to break into social media!  Short easy read.  Encouraging.  I might have to read this every 6 months or so just to give myself a little kick in the pants.

ConnectionAgent, Steve Woodruff.  {free e-book} How to build your community online.  Doable for the introvert.

What’s on your night stand these days?

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