5 Shortcuts for Ridiculously Easy Video Content

We don’t have to convince you of the importance of video content do we?

Don’t Worry About Video Content Quality

Actually, the more normal you look, the more relatable. If you have Ree Drummond’s kitchen and camera crew, we’re not really on the same level – and I wouldn’t be comfortable comparing notes. But if you’re like me – learning, which our readers are too, we are relatable, friendly, approachable, and fandom-worthy.

Don’t Worry About Video Length

The best length for viewability is 30seconds to 3minutes. Any longer and the retention rate goes way down. Also, this is the perfect length to record on your laptop. You know that one day where you have makeup on, hair done? Shoot 6 FAQ videos, just a minute or two long. The most common questions you get. Answer them. Name them and upload them to Youtube. Post them to Facebook, and social media, send readers there, and answer email with links. You just saved a bunch of time, and earned trustworthy points.

Didn’t I say that? Yes – video=trustworthy points. Go you!

Don’t Worry About Expensive Tools for Video

Apparently, and I’m NOT a tech person, you can use a smart phone or laptop webcam to record web-ready video. I probably wouldn’t use it for playing on your Widescreen TV or recording your wedding, but it will do for social media and posting online. In fact, it’s better to post online with this video as it requires less bandwidth.

(K – bandwidth I understand, but I do WordPress, not tech. I still have to ask my daughter for help with my phone. We’re all in this together!!)

The first item to purchase after you’ve done a few smartphone videos, is a mic. I’ll let Paige give us some recommendations at the webinar next week. Or you can download her Video Guide here.

Get Maximum Impact with your Crappy Video Content – I do!

Facebook promotes video in the feed, if you’re using FB for marketing, this gives you a huge advantage. Use a quick FB live post to engage with your visitors.

  • post 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  • pull camera away from your face and upwords for a flattering angle. Keep your head in the law of thirds – left hand third, right-hand third, etc.
  • use your earbuds with mic
  • turn off background noise (car, fans, drying machine, screaming children – turn them off.)

Delegate the Youtube Video Optimization

Optimize your videos for Youtube the easy way. In 10 minutes, with a little delegation and a few dollars you can have Youtube-ready videos, that will be picked up by Google/Youtube and also be ready for Facebook, your post and/or email. Video is SO versatile!

  • On Fiverr (join us next month when we talk about hiring overseas, the ethics around that, and how to) you can easily find someone to transcribe your video and post to youtube for you.
  • They will even create pretty thumbnails.
  • On creativemarket.com you can find an intro and get someone to edit it for you.
  • Before uploading to Youtube, get your longtail keyword research
  • In the description field add keywords, descriptions, main outlines, links to your site and to other related videos.
  • Use your name and site name at the beginning and end of the description.
  • Always use a call to action at the end of the video, and at the end of the description.

Videos can be Monetized!

BONUS – Adthrive can monetize videos with their player. So do up some add-ons to your posts. Demonstrate that craft or recipe. Talk about pop culture or your church or the weather – just do it! And put those babies on an Adthrive Video Player!

If you want more information, sign up for our Butt Kicking into Video masterclass with Paige Wilhide of Paige Media.

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