8.1 Million Incoming Links – LOOK Here!

I was shocked that this one blogger got 8.1million incoming links to the cornerstone page. I mean ‘link magnet’ is sort of what it is about, but still, 8.1 million?? Who does that?!?

Cornerstone What?

If you have a website that covers a certain topic – I’m looking at you, Bloggers – you need to use Cornerstone Content. I have no idea why this isn’t more common. Some call these pages “pillars”, “silos”, or “content landing pages”. Yoast, in the SEO for WP plugin, calls them Cornerstone Pages so that is how we will refer to them.

And it makes sense to me.

Cornerstones are the basic (and extremely important) starting bricks for a building – in those places that use bricks/cement. In our websites, the cornerstone page is the most important piece of content on your site. Why don’t these pages get more ‘press’?? I couldn’t tell ya!!

But Yoast de Valk spends time on it, Jeff from Hashtag Jeff harps on it, and I do too! This is important. Take a look at these examples in the video and you’ll see why. I mean, you can’t argue with 8.1 million incoming links!?!? *I’m not promising you 8.1mil links! lol

In this snippet from one of the block editor classes, we look at a few examples of Cornerstone Content.

This is eye opening stuff! Have a look and see! 🙂

To get the rest of the class click here. (The 70% discount ends tonight at midnight PDT)

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