A Swarm of Spam to Hit the Northern Hemisphere

We’ve been inundated with questions about the crazy influx of spam lately. Unfortunately it seems to be widespread between websites all over the USA and Canada.

Here is what you can do about the nasty spam problem:

  • Settings -> Discussions: close comments after a few days. You’ll set this based on your community and how long they usually carry on discussions for
  • Settings -> Discussions: Require a previously approved comment
  • Settings -> Discussions: Require a moderator to approve each and every comment (obviously this is not ideal for a lot of you)
  • Add a captcha plugin (those annoying the math problems at the end of the commenting form). We recommend Captcha.
  • Curse at the buggers who have nothing better to do with their time.  And then thank your lucky stars you use WordPress and there are 1,000’s of developers who are inevitably making it better able to cope with spam, and stay secure.


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