About WPBarista

WPBarista started to help blogging friends with WordPress 16 years ago.
Y’all are the heart of what we do.

Our History

Cathy Mitchell (was Tibbles) founded WPBarista with Heather Jacobson from Desperately Seeking Sanity in 2008. Ever since then our focus has been squarely to serve the influencer community (used to be called Blogging).

We work alongside your expertise – providing the technical and WordPress help as needed.

All our tactics, best practices and advice are from the current thought leaders in the influencer and digital marketing sphere; sprinkled with a good dose of realism for an influencer’s budget.

It’s clear Cathy is ridiculously famous – proven by this pic with Matt Mullenweg) at the first “WordCamp Devin Vancouver, BC.

Our Team

Every member of our team is whole heartedly available to make your job easier in any way we can.

Cathy Mitchell

the Strategist and Project Manager. She’s consulted with Stanford Med University, Jack Frost Designs, Beth Moore, Lia Griffith and 1000’s of others.

Dianne Espejo

Dianne Espejo lives in New Jersey with her two boys and husband who is also in IT. They travel and explore the lovely east coast every chance they get.

Cathy Mitchell

Dianne Espejo

Kat Nervez

Is our extremely talented and educated graphic designer. She is moving to my side of the world this summer and we can’t wait to sit down together!

Dannah Abat

Dannah has been working with us for several years and helps out with everything from writing to developing. And she has the cutest office ever!

Kat Nervez

Dannah Abat

Our Clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

Giving Back

By purchasing through us, your dollars are part of some important charitable and environmental efforts:

Environment & Emissions

In reality computers are a small part of the overall power usage in North America. However, using sustainable energy sources (wind and hydro) get us a step closer. Our office uses entirely recycled products where possible.

Natural Disasters

When there are crisis that we can contribute to, we do so through the Red Cross and Donations in Kind.

Children & Women

We love sponsoring children in Africa (where Cathy spent several years). We do so through World Vision Canada, Rehema House, and Kiva Microloans.

Economic Stability

We recognize our fortune and support the economic efforts of women entrepreneurs in third world countries through Kiva.

Pro Bono Work

We donate two websites, per year, to registered charities. Feel free to contact Cathy to nominate a worthy charity.

Mental Health

Cathy has spoken openly about her Mental Health issues and her recovery. And we care deeply that people everywhere have access to resources they need to recover from mental health issues. We donate through Big Orange Heart to these initiatives.

WordCamp Sponsorship
Sponsorship of WCYVR 2023 was part giving part, and part marketing. We volunteer and manage the Support Desk at WordCamp to help new WP users with questions!

And of course the beautiful children that we sponsor, and funds donated to AIDs support in developing countries through Compassion International.

BIG ORANGE HEART sponsor – providing support and assistance to remote workers around the world

Canadian Red Cross – providing covid support and resources to hospitals

Around this time we had the honour of giving back in-kind to:

  • Meadow Rose Society – offering diapers and formula to moms in need
  • Trevoices.org – adults against transitioning children

We ran a big fund raising campaign for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Also supporting local homeless shelters through Salvation Army, and Rehema House – rescuing young girls in Kenya, providing healthcare during their pregnancies and job skills training.

This year we also had the honour to work on a couple websites pro bono:

  • Refugees in Chilliwack – in support of the Syrian refugee crisis
  • EFry Society – housing and protection for families fleeing domestic violence

From 2007 and onwards we’ve regularly given back to

  • Entrepreneurs in Developing countries through Micro-loans
  • Children in Developing Countries through World Vision Canada, and Compassion International
  • Canadian Red Cross, when emergent situations arise.

We did not track the donations prior to 2014.

Legal Stuff Here

We have paraphrased some legal’eze in these documents to make it understandable. And in some documents it has to stay as-is to make sure we’re all acting nicely.