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About WordPress Barista

WPB Mission

Here at WPBarista, we are committed to creating strong relationships with bloggers- in addition to our fabulous websites! Our team is dedicated to serving you the best we can. No prior knowledge, long fancy scripts, or mindless technobabble necessary.

Simple, undiluted competence and service is what we take pride in. Allow us to offer that to you today!

We guarantee that:

  • You will always be served quickly- no hassle or headaches.
  • Our level of service and professionalism is unwavering, regardless of circumstance.
  • You call the shots! Eager as we are, we will never run ahead of your wishes for your website.


WordPress Set up

Just starting? Let one of us guide your way! We can set you up, provide training and continuing support starting at $490.

WordPress Design

Optimize the heck out of your theme! We are constantly researching user psychology so each design is not only beautiful but effective!


Imagine never having to yell at your monitor again! We can take that frustration off your plate for as little as $47/mo.

Cathy Tibbles


Cathy Tibbles, the founder of WPB, has been in people boot-camp her whole life. Out of necessity, (in Zaire, Africa ) she was trained as a dental assistant and occupational therapist. She learned to work with people’s fears, and to work with parents of autistic children, as well as children’s learning styles.

Attending school in Kenya with kids from all over the world, dumped her head-first into Communication & Acceptance Boot-camp.

As an adult, she got to love on people during their toughest times as a fire, theft and flood insurance adjuster. And later as a Director of Children’s Ministry, she recruited, trained and inspired hundreds of volunteers.

To sum up, she believes in the value of what you have to say.

Later on, with 3 kids in tow, she entered the world of blogging for some grown-up stimulation. It wasn’t long before she was hooked on themes, coding and especially digital marketing. 10 years and several more logos later, you have WPB – partnering with bloggers to take care of the technical aspects of blogging.

Read more about Cathy. | Meet the team here.

Our bigger story

A portion of every purchase goes to under privileged women entrepreneurs through the microloan organization, Kiva and World Vision. Other donations go to Canada Red Cross and annually we have the privilege of selecting two charities to receive free services. See this page for more details.

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