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About Cathy Mitchell

When I left corporate (waaaay back in 2001) to start my career as a Stay at Home Mom I had visions of crisp clean cotton gently swaying on the clothes line. Funnily enough it was never I that was placing said linens on the line.

The reality of motherhood spurred me to create a small ebay shop (before etsy) called “I Can Do It” kids charts and organizational items. I made one sale.

Later on, I tried consulting in the insurance field and later, writing children’s curriculum. Fail and fail. The reasons were varied, but they both failed.

My foray into blogging involved an income of $0.82 and an apron. So I decided to make it prettier. No deluge of cash. So I taught myself CSS. Then HTML. Then PHP. Every now and then I’d get $20 if I helped a friend with WordPress.

In 2013, I was divorced and left with three children, a fledgling side-hustle and no financial support. It was do or die time. I set a budget (the max of my Credit Card at the time which wasn’t much), and a timeline of 3 months.

I ordered a dozen or so books on the subject of small business and began studying. I followed every single word of Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Brian Gardner, Michael Hyatt, Michael Gerber, John Jantsch, Donald Miller, Seth Godin and Gary V, among others.

Skip ahead 9 or 10 years and here we are. My children are in University and High School. I worked hard. And God blessed me with a business. If this wasn’t His plan, I’m sure I would be equally blessed at a different job. But I’m very grateful for the opportunity to stay at home with my babies while they were growing up.

I am blessed with clients that have stuck it out with me for over 10 years, contractors that have done the same, and a fledgling leadership team. I’m not sure I’ll ever know what it truly is to be an ‘entrepreneur’ but I know what it is to do the next right thing. To prioritize, and work hard and take responsibility for my actions. My faith taught me that, and has made me who I am today.

I hope I can encourage you to do similar things – learn hard, prioritize your time, take small actions and tippy-toe your way through the tough times. Schedule a call with me.