Giving Back

By purchasing through us, your dollars are part of some important charitable and environmental efforts:

Economic Stability

We provide micro loans to female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Each year we donate more. And each time a loan is paid off, it is re-invested to help  more brave, hard working women.  We are able to connect with these women through an organization, Kiva.

World Crisis

Once in awhile we find a cause that we feel everyone should support. Not one or two of us – everyone. Whether $10 or $10,000 every bit helps and as a Canadian, I feel an extra responsibility. We give during world crisis – for example the Haiti & Nepal Earthquakes or the severe food shortage this spring in Africa.

Our donations as a company usually go through the Canadian Red Cross or World Vision.

Donations in Kind

Each year it is my privilege to select a worthy charity to receive website and consultation support from us. We usually will select up to 2 charities. If you know of someone who would be a good fit, please email me!

Computers and Emissions

In reality computers are a small part of the overall power usage in North America. However, using sustainable energy sources brings us a little closer to being a conservationist, instead of a consumer.

So, it’s important to note that our servers for our web hosting clients, are all 100% wind powered. Which is something we can all be proud of.

Paper and Printables

All of our printables(business use and promotional use) are printed on 100% recyclable paper.

2018 Donations

We are open for applications.

2017 Donations

2016 Donations

2015 Donations

2010 – 2014

We did donate during these years but we didn’t keep track of the donations!! At this time, it wasn’t up to 10% either.