Adding a Carousel Gallery

There are a few options that are available for adding a featured content gallery similar to the one on our front page. Our favorite is the Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin for the following reasons:

1. We use an excerpt and a thumbnail plugin, and out of the 3 galleries that we tested, this was the only one that didn’t conflict. (We use Advanced Excerpt by Bas Van Doren, and Thumbnails for Excerpts by Radu Capan.)

2. The images are stored in its own folder on the server so no absolute links are necessary – we can simply use the image name instead of the full URL.

3. Images are NOT automatically generated, therefore we have complete control over which image from the post is used in the gallery.

4. The css is clearly defined and easy to edit – a few options even exist in the Options page.

pluginpicksThe Dynamic Content Gallery is definitely our super-plugin pick of the week!

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