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Affordable Small Business Website Package

At the beginning of WPB we created the All in One Package. It did well, but unfortunately a website is not a set-it and forget-it endeavor. Pretty soon, even with the cheapest package we offered, ongoing maintenance would run around $1000 /year. That is not affordable for most small business owners. So we are excited to introduce to you a new, upgraded ….

If you’re frustrated building a website with WordPress or find it too expensive to outsource, this is the answer for you

Small Business Website Package!

Let’s discuss what is included, what options you have, the prices and how to get your hands on this unique WordPress package just for Small Businesses!

What platform is the Small Business Website Package on?

If you haven’t heard yet, WordPress runs most of the world’s largest websites. We have been WordPress experts exclusively since 2007. WordPress is free and well supported. If your business goals include ecommerce, WordPress can do that. If you want to add blog posts – WordPress can easily do that!

I may be a bit biased, but it is the best content management system out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Customers choose WordPress because they want the freedom to extend it. They want the security in knowing they are in control of their own assets. No one can ban you from your own website.

Here is why we choose WordPress:

  • extensibility
  • longevity
  • security
  • updates & upgrades
  • widely supported and known
  • open-source
  • doing good in the world (some might debate me on this!)

So yes, WordPress is the platform we are using for the new small business website package.

But Honestly… Although I love WordPress, there are a few things that are not ideal. 1) WordPress is not the easiest to use. 2) You need to spend time or money maintaining the site.

Squarespace, Wix, Shopify and others offer less options and zero ownership (they can ban you) but they are easier to use. And they are cheaper than the regular WP packages that are custom designed and supported. So this is where our new package comes in!

Included in the
Small Business Website Package

Name & Email

Free domain name, content cheat sheets, email and hosting for as long as you have the account. Monthly maintenance is included in the pkg.

Easy Interface

We have pared down the dashboard so you will find the profile, posts, pages and media tabs – only.

Beautiful Designs

Select from any Starter Templates at Kadence. The premium versions are available to you too. They are all mobile-friendly, accessible, and absolutely beautiful.


We install Kadence Pro block library and all the Essential WordPress Plugins.


Friendly support staff is available 12 hrs a day Monday through Friday. Contact via email, support ticket, or telephone.


Over 30 professional video tutorials to lessen the learning curve.

SB Website Package
Pros & Cons

We will not host e-commerce websites, streaming, downloads, directories or any custom addons.

You will have full ownership over domain name, child theme and content (all blog posts and web pages).

You will have ‘editor’ permissions, not overall administration permissions.

There are no page builders other than the built-in block editor allowed

This pkg does not include content creation / website content.

Graphic Design is not included.

Migrating existing content is not included.

This package is available to residents in the USA and Canada only. You must be operating a business without a current website. Or creating a new website that doesn’t currently receive 10,000 pageviews per month.

The important aspects of WordPress that make it better than wix, we are keeping.

search engine optimization, and google analytics integration

We have responsibility for the website hosting account, ssl/security, designs, functions and plugins

We are adding support, which is not available via email for other WP sites

We will remove your administrative permissions on the site. You will not be able to break it!

Should you wish to go elsewhere for support or services, we will provide an export of all your content for no extra charge.

Complimentary licenses for Kadence Pro, Kadence Pro Plugins, Monster Insights, Ewww.io, WP-Rocket, Happy Forms are included.

How does it work?

Download the Content Work sheets to help you get the assets ready.

Pricing & Support

This WPB Small Business Website Package is $49/mo USD, billed annually. Monthly options are available after the first 12 months.

Purchase the Small Businesses Website Package

If you’re frustrated with trying to do it the right way with WordPress yet can’t afford the developer to support you, nor the custom graphic designer, nor the copious hours spent on YouTube, this is the best option for you.


Gather everything you need on the Content Worksheets


Purchase the Website Package here. And upload the Prep Work packet. We will be in touch to schedule a launch day.

Billed once per year until cancelled


Launch Day: It’s up to you to add your content to some social media networks and email lists and get some buzz going about your new business website.

As You Begin Your Webmaster Journey

As much as I would love to promise you a huge audience the minute you publish your website, I cannot. In fact I have to warn you that a website is not a ‘build it and they will come’ scenario. The website might be there but no one will know it is there until you tell them.

A simple website does a great job of letting your customers know a bit about you, your brand, and leaves a great first impression.

What a website cannot do is grow an audience – unless you want to look into SEO (that’s a whole ‘nother topic).

Other than social media, here are a few places where you might want to put your branding.

  • on business cards / marketing materials
  • on invoice, estimates and work orders that are in the hands of customers and vendors
  • on ads and venue booths
  • when sponsoring local media

Good luck as you being this fun adventure! The whole team is here to support you!

Cathy Mitchell,

CEO, WPBarista