How to beat the summer traffic dip

Unfortunately all bloggers are in the same boat over the summer: lower traffic = lower income! I’m not sure about you – but I’d like more income and less work, thank-you-very-much. In light of this dilemma we put together a quick traffic-generator idea last year in June.

Much to my surprise it turned out to be really popular.

But let’s be honest, I’m your WordPress gal, not your content gal. Of course, I know the value of content, we all know that it drives your sites, your blogs and your income! So for this year’s content generator event, I’ve asked a few people to join me.

Before I introduce them, let me be clear – these are experts in their fields, not mentors. I see nothing wrong in mentoring others – passing down what you have learned is valuable and necessary! We should all be mentored and be mentoring, in my opinion. But when it comes to business, I do believe that we should only pay for expertise.

This small but mighty differentiation has made my purchasing decisions a lot easier!

When looking for content experts, I used this criteria:

  1. content writing was their full-time business
  2. expertise (not mentorship) available
  3. some availability to take new clients

I pulled out my wishlist, went through my social media and my contacts, and contacted a few people. I’m so excited that my first choices said YES! These people are generous with their knowledge and have a heart for sharing it with you.

Meet our Guest Experts for 8 Weeks of Content!


Trunked Creative

Hailey Dale, Principal

Hailey Dale is the principal at Trunked Creative, where she partners with small business owners who are totally over the shoulds and ready to build their content empires – their way. Through her DIY content kits, tell-all blog posts and strategy sessions, she gives them the tools to get more visibility in their businesses, while making it feel like a streamlined and strategic delight.

Hailey earned her MA Degree in Communications with a single focus in Strategic Communications and has spent the last 11 years working with very large to itty-bitty businesses to build their content strategies & online presences.

If she’s not working, you can find her curled up somewhere with an Americano & a book (she’s finished 1-2 novels a week since she was 7!)

SoVerve Marketing Group

Stephanie Rubio, Owner

Stephanie Rubio is the owner/consultant of SoVerve Marketing Group, a bespoke business consulting and digital marketing firm that caters to the modern solopreneur and small business owner.

After a career in Real Estate Management and a degree in Business, Stephanie founded SoVerve Marketing Group out of a need to assist small business owners with cost effective results based marketing.

Stephanie has been featured in podcasts, such as The Fierce Entrepreneur and blogs like Clever Girl Finance for her tech savvy and straight shooting approach to business ownership. Committed to providing high value services in the areas of website design, branding, SEO, social media, and content creation, SoVerve Marketing Group has assisted countless of small business owners all over the globe in creating brands that can compete in the online arena.[/col2_last][/col_wrapper]

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Abby Herman

Copywriter & Content Coach

Abby is a content strategist and content coach for small business owners, helping to get her clients’ message out to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place. She specializes in working with female-owned, service-based businesses to generate ideas and strategies that help to move their businesses forward with content that attracts the perfect clients. Abby firmly believes in the power of educating and empowering business owners so they can grow their businesses without breaking the bank. Community over competition is truly her jam!

When she’s not crafting words or coaching her clients through their own writing roadblocks, you can find her exploring the mountains near her home in Phoenix or finding new ways to get her teenaged daughter to take a break from the school books and technology. You can follow her on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.


George Elliott

Author & Copywriter

I have over 37 years media experience, 23 of them in Radio Broadcasting and the rest of them in Print. I owned and operated a small-town, independent weekly community newspaper in Princeton, British Columbia Canada from February 2004 to July 2016. I started writing freelance web content in January 2014.

Since I started writing freelance web content I have also gained a lot of knowledge regarding SEO-marketing and strategies to provide content that will set your product/service apart from your competitors. I am also capable of writing to your specific requirements spanning from technical to informational with tone variations from friendly to humourous and all possibilities in-between.

You can find George’s books, blogs and portfolio on his website,  Looseink Freelance Ninja.[/col2_last][/col_wrapper]

Ready to take some time off this summer? WITHOUT losing a bunch of income?

At no cost to you, you’ll have access to these 4 experts, 7 days of WordPress support and ridiculous encouragement.

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