The block editor is really powerful – but is it good for SEO too?? In this article we’ll get into how to make it all work for you.

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The strategy behind a header is pretty important. As bloggers, we want our readers, to get value and inspiration from our words, but also to share them with friends, to post to social media, to sign up for email and to love our ads, purchase a thing we recommend, leave a comment and on and on.

But a person can’t do them all. We do one thing at a time. If we’re leaving a comment, we’re not reading. If we’re pinning to pinterest, we are not looking at another post on your site. We might when we’re done… but we only do one thing at a time.

As a matter of principle, clarity is the utmost in standards when creating a user interface. Clarity is what creates a safe and straightforward environment for your readers. To be clear is to point the reader at one thing after another.

Have you heard of the paradox of choice? That is the principle that with more options, the users are less inclined to make a choice, but also – this is key – less satisfied with their choice after the fact.

To get the most action in your pages? Create 2-3 options. I’m serious!! I know we need all the things. And we have to meet the needs of all the people. But – one! One is all they can do at a time anyway. And ONE is what it takes to get more action on your post. I’m not saying that we should take away options – but to promote ‘sharing’ is to still give them the choice – of sharing on a number of platforms. To leave a comment, is still to leave what words?

Take a look at this story1:

…a very large home builder, with semi-autonomous branches in many different parts of the U.S., reduced the number of options available to home buyers after they had selected a model and went about customizing it. The way the company operated, home buyers would customize their homes, advised by a consultant, in a design center. Home buyers faced 24 backsplashes for kitchen counters, 34 tile floors, 17 ovens, 21 refrigerators, 9 master bath tub packages, 13 master bath counters, 159 carpets, 37 hardwood floors, 41 vinyl sidings, 150 kitchen cabinet styles, 65 countertops, 21 kitchen faucets, 43 bathroom faucets and 26 fireplace options, among other choices. On average, consultants spent 20 hours with each home buyer, outfitting the home.

The company dramatically reduced options in many of these categories, again as a cost-cutting measure. The results were striking: reduced paralysis (four hours with a consultant rather than 20), more upgrades, less regret and more customer satisfaction. The streamlining also enabled the home builder to build homes more efficiently and economically because the construction crews could work faster with fewer errors when there were fewer variants available. These cost savings were passed on to customers in the form of no-cost upgrades; that is, the “standard” models contained features that would have been priced upgrades before.

After the fun discussion in Header Strategy we move onto tips and tricks in creating multi-media formats for your blog posts. In no more time than it takes to record your voice reading the post, you can create a video and audio versions and upload to over 10 podcast channels (for free!). I showed you my ooooold channels from Spotify from 2018. Embarrassing!!

The class then reflects on the availability of spruced up recipe results in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). There is a new version of a carousel available to recipe publishers called a host carousel. A host carousel is the same as a regular carousel except all the recipes are from YOUR site!! Its incredible the exposure that you can get if your recipes get picked up by Google!

And by default, nowadays most recipe plugins are supporting Recipes and Guided Recipes schema (rich results) without you lifting a finger!

But we provide some free tools for testing your results. And go through a couple different results so you can tell when a green checkmark means ‘yes – all good’ and when it means, ‘yes – but not in a carousel’. You should know the difference!!

We got a little geeky when we got into the Jump-to-Recipe links and HTML anchors. But you’ll be able to link to any block directly now! Without using code!

And lastly we talked about which elements to include in your footer – next/post links, author box, related posts, categories, date, etc. Again – which action do you wish your readers to take? I give you some tips for keeping them on the page for those of you with ad-based revenue, and some tips for service/product based businesses as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

It was a lot of fun putting those videos together – Enjoy!!


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