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In this class, we will go through more advanced blocks from the Kadence Block plugin — this class was going to include the SEO plugin by Yoast. But it is at 45 minutes long with the Row Block alone (including the tutorials for padding/margins and flex box). The next class will be the 2nd half of the Kadence Block class. In that class we will cover the Yoast SEO and best practices for Schema.

What we will build in class

Video background, inner box with shadow and overhang layering, advanced buttons block, paragraph and Advanced Headings blocks.
Row, Transparency/Opacity, columns, sections, responsive inner sections, flex-box tutorial, icon block


Blocks are covered quite quickly in this class. It is expected that you’ve taken the Basic Blocks class, are efficiently using all the built-in blocks, including all their settings and options. You should be able to create columns and operate within them.

Handouts included in this class:

Topics Covered

  • How to select safe block libraries
  • How to find your settings in a mess of blocks
  • Kadence Row Block
  • Kadence Advanced Buttons
  • Advanced Headings
  • Layering with Negative Margins
  • Flex Box & Responsive Design
  • Kadence Icon Block

This class is for these users:

This is for those intermediate block users. You should be comfortable with the following:

  • creating and editing columns, their widths, padding and colours
  • understand settings and how to find them
  • familiar with all the menus, page, post and block menus
  • easily find the outermost block
  • be able to delete unused blocks within your page
  • easily reposition blocks

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