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Basic Blocks for Beginners

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This class will start where Absolute Beginners left off. We will continue to go through all the basic blocks in this class. The class is a collection of instructional screencasts, and lessons, with handouts and transcripts.

Blocks covered in this class:

  • headings
  • cover block
  • columns
  • lists
  • quotes, pull quote, verse
  • audio, video & embeds
  • files & galleries

Handouts Included in this Class:

Who’s it for?
This is a good introduction to Advanced Blocks class. Before joining this class, you should be comfortable with these functions of the block editor:

  • paragraph & image blocks
  • block sidebar
  • post/page sidebar
  • contextual/popup menu
  • top left post editor menu
  • moving blocks
  • finding the parent block

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