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Blogs have a wide array of SEO guidelines and best practices. This class will geared to the full time blogger, deciding on best practices to serve your audience and appease the Google gods. We will be covering mostly strategy, SEO best practices and how it pertains to layouts.

This is an excellent class if you are considering a redesign – keep these concepts in mind when approving new layouts.

We will use the following plugins:

  • WP Recipe Maker (Free)
  • Kadence Blocks (Free)

Blocks covered in this class:

  • Tabs, Table of Contents
  • Skip to Recipe, Recipe Blocks, Roundup Block
  • Video Embed, Audio Embed, Transcripts (& sources for all)
  • Author Blocks, Meta Info & Post Info
  • Sharing Buttons, Sign up Boxes, Prev/Next Posts & Related Posts

Who’s it for?
This is an advanced class. We will be covering strategy and brief use of blocks. This class covers specialty use cases specific to bloggers, and best practices for page layout.

Notes Included:

You need to be an intermediate block user, and comfortable with these tasks before taking this class:

  • SEO best practices for Headings
  • Using Yoast’s blocks for SEO (How to & FAQ)
  • Using Kadence Free Blocks

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