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Coffee Connection: Live Q&A with WPBarista

In this live Q&A we chat about the #1 mistake I see aaaaaall the time with bloggers & what they think is SEO.

I wrote a book 50 pages on SEO. SEO is one of the best ways that you can be marketing your site, especially if you have a site that’s been online for a while like mine has.

SEO is pretty much finding what people are searching for; writing an article about it and then putting those exact words in the article so that google knows, “Hey this is the perfect article for this searcher”.

So not only do you have to do the right keywords you also have to get the right intent.

Somebody who searches “How to make something” isn’t going to buy it. Those are two different things and so intent plays into it.

The problem is that most people guess and it makes sense because you know your audience you have written to them for years and years and you might have a relationship. You think you know what they’re searching for.

So you’re writing about a coffee table, so you’ll write “DIY coffee table” or something like that into the Keyword Field in Yoast’s SEO Plugin. That will be your keyword – you will guess!

You might as well as not do SEO at all if that’s what you’re doing. If you’re guessing.

It’s the same as doing nothing. I don’t know how else to say this! Everybody seems to guess their keywords!

Go to google and search “DIY Coffee Table”, are you on the top page? Oh and did you know that the top page is exponentially better than the second page? Instead of it just being 10 slots lower in results, page 2 is exponentially worse! I can’t remember the exact percent. Something like 400 percent or so less people will go to the second page than the first.

Keywords: How to Find them & Stop Guessing

For keywords, you will have to pick something pretty specific like, “Coffee table with pallet wood” or something. That’s probably even quite competitive. You have to pick something super specific depending on how popular your website is.

There’s one way to make sure that your keywords are 100% accurate but that takes too much work! You would have to analyze all the competition, and how they are using that keyword. And then you would have to do better. Than all of them.

In some cases you can’t do better for a particular keyword because their site’s older than yours or just has more content.

I think there’s 200 or so factors that go into Google’s ranking algorithm. So if anybody says that they can guarantee something with SEO – they’re lying!

So if you want to get a keyword with less work than analyzing all the competition – but you want to do more than guess, use these tools:

  • seoptimer
  • ranktracker
  • serp checker
  • ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is actually a really helpful one and it’s really easy to use. So here’s what you do!

  1. go to ubersuggest
  2. type in the keyword that you’re going to talk about: it’s probably one that you were going to use if you were guessing. In our example it would be the “DIY coffee table”
  3. Select to search on mobile or desktop
  4. Select the country to search within.

Unfortunately the free version of Ubersuggest lets you have a limited number of searches a day so use them wisely!

After typing in your words, Ubersuggest will offer a list of related keywords, and will indicate the “SEO difficulty”, “cost per click” and “search volume”.

Basically you’re looking for two things in all of these indicators – you’re looking for volume because you need lots of people to come to the website. And you want the SEO difficulty to be medium if you’ve had a site for a while.

You can pick a medium one because they’re usually higher volume. The ideal keyword is easy to rank for (easy SEO) and one that gets traffic(volume).

If you need content ideas, go to “Ask the Public” and type in the keyword. The site will return a mind map of all the questions that are currently being searched when it comes to that topic.

If you take the keyword and follow all the instructions in the ebook that I wrote about SEO, you’ll have a wonderfully, truly, optimized post.

Now that I’ve been doing keyword research for years it takes under five minutes to do the research for each post/article. It doesn’t have to take forever and it can be done!

The Number One Mistake with SEO is not doing Keyword Research. The Number Two Mistake is not configuring the Yoast SEO plugin. Just because it is installed doesn’t mean it is set up to work for your site.

If you haven’t set up Yoast SEO plugin yet, grab this SEO ebook, download it and follow the steps for setting up the plugin. I go through every single thing that you actually want to look at and I tell you what to do with it.

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