Tips to Make the Most of One Post

There is a free content planner post that has been attracting daily email signups – it is one post and yet it keeps working for me! Isn’t that the goal for all of us?

The trick is to create content that catches on – and keeps catching on, known as evergreen content.

Every year I just update it with new freebies, and the sign-ups keep coming! So how do we re-create these types of posts reliably? I don’t have all the answers, but I have a few educated guesses…

Create evergreen content

Every cornerstone piece of content aught to be evergreen. And to make it really catch on, try these tips:

  • of course, make it awesome! Edit. Edit. Edit.
  • include a call to action that is crystal clear
  • include a content upgrade, freebie, printable as your CTA (call to action)
  • have a really great Pinterest image for it- tall one
  • include a great Instagram image – square 
  • share it often (see the tips below)
  • try ad campaigns in Pinterest or Facebook/Instagram

You’re more likely to catch on fire on Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere if you have awesome imagery and a great giveaway. Use your call to action to give away your freebie and catch email addresses – win win!

When it comes to sharing content over and over, we have some tips for that too:

Resharing Content – Do’s

  1. Post your new content to all your networks
  2. “>Adjust text to the network you are sharing it on – tone, length, use of hashtags (bufferapp is great for this)
  3. Adjust image size and orientation based on where you are sharing it – e.g. vertical for Pinterest, horizontal for Twitter (use canva to auto-create sizes)
  4. Switch up the format (text to video to graphic etc) Try Lumen5 for easy video creation.
  5. Post your evergreen content more than once on your platforms

Resharing Content – Don’ts

  1. Do not use scheduling services for Facebook pages or groups. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that this will result in lesser views. (Facebook 2018 planning)
  2. Do not share links without any images or commentary!  Use IFTTT or Zapier instead – these programs will automate sharing but also let you share the images or custom content.
  3. Do not share the same update dozens of times in a row. The shelf-life of a tweet is literally minutes, so definitely share your content more than once. But always spread it out among your other updates too. Remember what the feed looks like if someone goes directly to your profile. Use a service like Buffer or Tailwind to spread out the shares.

What services do you use to share and share-again your content?

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  1. Good article! I appreciate the inspiration to re-post, as I have hesitated to do so thinking I would be a pest. I am thankful both for the guidelines and to find that this is acceptable – and even smart – if done right.

    1. We use a theme for each week and take quotes, tweetables and discussion points from the post. It’s a great idea to re-use content! My best content has gone into subscription incentives and e-books too. 🙂

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