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Just this month, I’ve discovered some great themes.  These are just the ones that I’ve run across – there are countless others as well.  These are FREE, and can be customized by following the instructions.  Most are customizable right from your admin panels in the back end of your blog.


The first one is another template “system”.  I’m not fond of these yet, but then again, I’m not fond of anything with a learning curve.  So we’ll see which of the ‘systems’ ends up staying around.  I’ll let you know how my first edit of this one goes soon.  Alex King created this one (WordPress developer emeriti) so it is worth noting.


Jai with Blog Oh Blog is thinking outside the box again.  I love that man!  Here’s a THREE box version you can download for free.  The sidebar expands when you click on that arrow under the header.  Cute, eh?  Click on the image to download the theme.

by Blog Oh Blog!
by Blog Oh Blog!


Another cool idea – post excerpts on the front page – by Jai.


I like this one because the top bar has the latest news, comments, and posts right under the header.  Very attractive, and great for the regular visitor. Again, from Jai.


I am using this one on my Strawberries Are Gluten Free blog and found it really easy to modify and style.   I really like how I can feature more posts on the front page.  Being a recipe blog, the easier to navigate the better!  Thank you Mr. C. Bavota!


And a dark template just for the photography blogs out there by Rui Castro at

The above template requires you to edit a template to configure the ad placement blocks.


Excellence, by Jai Nischal Verma of Blog oh Blog!

I really do love the soothing colors in this theme, and Jai’s sense of style.   His stylesheet is commented really well, and includes a gallery, comments, and custom top nav bar that you see in this screenshot.  My only complaint is that it(the stylesheet) is written horizontally which, although technically correct, just bugs me.


Soho Serenity by The Cloisters

We’re in the process of adapting this theme for a business site.  And it is quite extensible, and easy to edit.

Here are some other articles with Magazine Theme reviews:

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