How to Create Cornerstone Content (Tutorial for Bloggers)

For Day 3 of our 8 Weeks of Content in 7 Days challenge, we’re all about Cornerstone Content for bloggers. If you have some posts, you’re clear on your topic and your audience is growing, cornerstone content will do two things:

  • increase your visibility to search engines
  • generate referral traffic

Done correctly, cornerstone content provides authoritative, relevant and timely coverage of a topic. You’ll want to be sure to have your keywords researched.

Here are the principles for finding your keywords: along with 3 tools to use (& screencast to show you how to use them!)

Click Here for the Worksheet

Once you have your keywords all laid out – it’s time to get to work on your first piece of cornerstone content! Here’s the quick version of creating the page (or post) and everything that should be on it. Use best practices and the same tone and style that you always do. Just make it better – more complete – the go-to-guide in your niche!

As time goes on, you will add to this page. You will put a Pinterest board, IG photo, or other resources here. It is THE place to find the latest. Let your blogging friends know about it so they can find it when they need it too. Also important is that you link to this post from social media, from other posts within your blog. Make this page the hub from which the other information can be found. This is your ‘wikipedia’ article for your blog.


11 Essential Ingredients Every Cornerstone Content Page Needs [Infographic]

When you’re done, I’d love to see yours – leave ’em in the comments!

Click Here for the Worksheet