Create a Sitemap & Submit to Google

A sitemap is essentially a machine-readable table of contents for your site. It tells Google what you have on your site and helps them find everything.

Usually search engines crawl from link-to-link. So in order for search engines to find all your pages, they would all have to be linked together – which they are not, natively.

In order for search engines to find all your pages- you can submit a sitemap.

Note: It is best practices to be intentional and clear about your navigation and linking.

To Create a Sitemap in WordPress

If you are using the SEO Plugin that we recommend – SEO for WordPress by Yoast – the sitemap is created for you by default. The address, by default will be:


To Add your Sitemap to Google Search Console

  • Log into https://www.Google.com/webmaster with your google username and password.
  • Select your site from the list (if there’s a list)
  • Click “Crawl”
  • Click “Sitemaps”
  • Enter the sitemap URL


Is this the most important piece of SEO? No – not by a long ways. But it is one more thing that you’ve likely heard and can easily do in a few seconds. AND a sitemap by Yoast is set-it and forget-it!

Gotta love that!

Video Explanation of Sitemaps

& Submitting them to Google Search Console

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