Day 12 31DBBB: Editorial Calendar {printable}

After I read ProBlogger‘s Day 12 of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, I immediately thought of creating an online editorial calendar – type tool that I could use.  I like to be obsessive like that.  If you are a pen & paper person like me, you can print this editorial Calendar from your browser and complete it, or you can copy to your own google docs or word processor to complete digitally.

The gist of today’s assignment is to create a schedule for the coming weeks, of which posts you’ll publish, and on what days.  While you’re organizing your posts from yesterday’s Mind Mapping assignment, you can also write a sentence or two or an outline to help get the creative juices flowing when its time to write.

I haven’t completed this assignment yet, although I predict it will help tremendously with my food blog which is kind of lagging behind right now.  With that blog, I’ve posted all my recipes, but now the challenge is to keep the content fresh and available to those looking for it.

Have you completed yesterday’s mind-mapping yet?  It was soooo fun.  Even if you only do 5 minutes of the activity, it will give you something to plan out this week for your blog.

So, how’d it go?

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