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The difference between FREE and PAID SSL services

We need to talk about the difference between free and paid ssl services. These SSL certificates have been free for a long time. You can get your own certificate at letsencrypt.org. I have used it and I support the idea of openssl whole heartedly!

However I’ve seen a lot of discussion lately on how much it should cost. And the plugins that you can use that will just do it for you. Why not, right?!?

In this tutorial, we evaluate:

1. Hosts that offer free certificates

2. Installing a certificate via plugin

3. Cheap ($30) installations

4. Expensive installations ($299+)

In this video I explain in blogger-friendly language:

– the process of installing SSL

– different types of SSL available

– the type of SSL bloggers need

– 4 methods to install, and pro’s & con’s of each

– the time & cost attached to each of those 4 ssl installation methods

You decide! Free or Paid.


Let me know what you think in the comments! Was this clear?

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  1. Great tutorial. I am currently using free Letsencrypt SSL certificates and I think it is enough for me, I do not sell anything or collect any user info. I installed it for the sake of SEO benefits. As my website is new, I am seeing slight improvements in SEO.

    1. Lets encrypt is a great option for nearly all bloggers! Including those selling things. I would only make sure it is installed properly!


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