Does a popup signup or an embedded signup form convert better?

Last week I published a Guide to Conversion Optimization. Today let’s discuss a real life example of optimizing a signup form. We’re looking at the signup forms I used for the Maintenance Guide and Optimization Guide. Both guides have landing pages that are similar.

Lets look at how to create the landing pages, how to test them, how to determine the conversion rates and how to decide which one performs the best.

Landing Page Changes / Optimizations

This is not a true conversion test because the content is different. We wont know if the signup – as embedded or popup – makes the difference, or any of the other changes. In this post we’re going to look at this example to show how easy it is to calculate the conversion rates and then compare them.

Step one is to create two landing pages and change one thing. We changed content, colors and signup form. So again, not a true optimization test. When you’re creating your landing pages you can copy the page exactly and should then change one thing.

Popup Form
Embedded Form

A/B Testing

The second step is to run your test through one of the websites we mentioned in the conversion guide. The A/B Testing program will forward your readers to either Landing Page A or Landing Page B, randomly.

After the test period (a week or some other time you determine), the program will then give you this information:

  • how many visitors landed
  • how many converted (signed up)
  • divide the two to get your conversion rate (%)

You can see in our example the maintenance guide had 834 visitors and 11 signed up in the embedded form. Divide 11 by 834 and we get a reasonable conversion rate of 1.32%.

The Optimization Guide (published last week) has had a total of 14 visitors and 8 of them subscribed in the popup signup form. 8/14 is .5714 or a conversion rate of 57.14%.

11/834 = .0132 = 1.32%
8/14 = .5714 = 57.14%

Interpreting Results

Do NOT expect conversion rates in the 50’s – that is simply because the sample size isn’t high enough and the first 14 visitors were highly targeted.

If your visitors come from ads in Facebook, considered a ‘warm’ visitor, a 3-5% conversion would be amazing. Cold visitors from Google will get a conversion rate of 1-2% depending on what you are converting (a signup form? A link? An ad click?), and how well your Google keywords are targeting intent.

If I was to look at this on face value – all my signups should be popups! That is 57% vs. 1% – but remember to interpret your results with your thinking caps on!

Grab the guide and give it a shot – its easier than you think to make little changes that have a big impact!

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