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Editorial Calendars for WordPress [Review]

If you’re looking for a place to plan your posts, store your ideas and more, these are the best options available.  In this case, I’m breaking my own plugin rule… but I’ve vetted all these myself. 🙂

Editorial Calendar – free plugin


There are quite a few post editorial plugins but this is my favorite because:

  • it is well supported
  • view monthly schedule at a glance
  • drag and drop your posts within the calendar view to reschedule them
  • create drafts within the calendar-view

And you really can’t beat the price. 🙂

Edit Flow


I love the organization that this one supports! It is meant for a multi-author blog. You can do all of the following:

  • add different statuses (ie: pitched, billed, needs image)
  • assign to different authors
  • view authors’ progress (last edit times)
  • comment with the author on the post

This one has a ton of potential and I can foresee it going the way of Premium plugins in the future. For now it’s free though!



PublishPress has all the same great features of Edit Flow, plus a few more for purchase. Here are the features, not available elsewhere (that I could find) for purchase:

  • pre-publishing checklist
  • slack integration
  • multiple authors on one post
  • granular permissions control

Do you use these? Do you stick to the tried and true Co-schedule? That one isn’t included in this list because I find it cost prohibitive… I believe that to do something well, requires a ton of work and in most cases, specialization.

Along these lines:


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