Exemplary Newsletter Personality – look at this!

When you and I are talking about your content or blog business, I often drone on and on with y’all about keeping your personality in your blog. Forget ‘keywords‘ and ‘long tail’ nonsense… write for your audience! Google loves that! And more importantly, it is the only thing (for most of us) that differentiate us from the hoards of websites.

I’m fascinated when I find people who do this extremely well.  I have that kind of mind I guess – I’m wondering who wrote this? It wasn’t the CEO, this is a big company (see below). How did the content editor figure out this personality? How do they keep it up? It has to be somewhat natural right? Or else it would be completely cheesy!!

Look at these titles of the articles: (love this!)

  • First Contact [Form 7]
  • We’ll keep you post-ied
  • Early Tail-Winds detected
  • Dollie for Devs
  • Ace of [knowledge] Base

Any other treky get the First Contact reference? Yes, it is about the Contact 7 forms!

And about the Postied, tailwind and Dollie plugins!

I’m just tickled by the Ace of Base reference! This is dating themselves! but if their audience is my generation, they nailed it!

How about you? You get your personality in there somehow?

Less boring, more YOU this year!

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