Find and Replace is a Gift from God…

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You know it’s true.  How much time to we save when we complete a find and replace?  Alot.  And a lot of hassles and headaches too.

I know of so many people who, after blogging for many months, or years even, decided that they were going to stop using their children’s real names.  And so what did they do?

They went back, post by post, and edited them.

By hand.

Can you imagine how long that would take you if you decided to do that today?

You’re shuttering aren’t you?

I know.

Saturday night I had the distinct pleasure of helping Beth and Christy over at Ruby and Roja move their blog to WordPress self-hosted.  They did an awesome job as the designers.  Because that’s what they do.  And they are good at it.

My job was to make it look like they wanted to within WordPress and then make it function the way that they wanted.  So we set up a test blog, got it all layed out the way we wanted it and then moved it over in the middle of the night.

However, when we moved it, all of the links pointed back to the test site.  All of the graphics.  All of the internal links.  All of the permalinks.

All 575 URLs that were contained within that site.

Lucky for me though, I remembered the plugin that Krissy told me about months ago, so I hopped over to her blog and started looking for it.  I knew she had blogged about it and I found it.  The Search Regex Plugin by Urban Giraffe.

Coincidentally, they were also the ones that told me that I had 575 links.

I installed the plugin, activated it and then did a search for the domain of the test blog and replaced with with

It took a minute, if that.

So, if you’ve got a mountain of terms or links that you need to change, I highly recommend this plugin.

And here’s another benefit of self-hosted WordPress… you could never do that with the other platforms… just sayin’.

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