If you knew which pages most of your visitors are coming to, what would you do differently?

Have a look at the video to find the most popular pages, easily and quickly. This tutorial is applicable to any site – not just WordPress.


Google Analytics is of course, the tool we’re going to use to find those pages. To follow along with the video, log into your Google Analytics account. Find the pages, and then see our top tips for optimizing and building on that content below the video.

Without further adieu,

How to find your site’s popular pages:


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Here’s our top tips for optimizing and building on popular content

  • always keep that content up to date (and all the other posts on your site that are ‘evergreen’
  • make sure the branding is consistent (images, headings etc)
  • double check that the social media images are all optimum sizes and have your logo or url on them
  • add related content to each post
  • add a call to action on each post

If these pages are also relevant to your target customer or audience, it is also a good idea to google those topics and build on them. For example, lets say that one of your most popular posts is ’10 ways to sell on Pinterest’. Off the top of my head, here are some more ways to expand on that content:

  • Giveaway a free download of the perfect Pinterest image template
  • Create a board for making money on social media
  • Post: “Another 10 ways to make money using Pinterest”
  • Video: “How to optimize your Pinterest boards for better sales”
  • Review: “4 tools to save time on Pinterest”
  • Screencast: how to install the most popular Pinterest plugin ever.
  • Post: How to read Pinterest stats
  • I’m sure you could come up with more…

The popular post is obviously of interest to your readers – so become even more useful – gain their trust and become the go-to authority. This will build the loyalty and refer-ability of your brand; and also build your search engine optimization.

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Do you already optimize and build on popular pages? Is this built into your routine already? Come back next week where we look at the impact of Social Media on your website, and if it’s worth your time!

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