Free E-commerce for Shops affected by Covid-19

If your brick and mortar store or service has to shut down because of covid-19, I’m offering a free e-commerce shop. This means the only cost to you is a monthly hosting plan of $15.

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The only word that keeps coming to mind is ‘crazy’ in these times. Crazy times, crazy changes… we feel as though we’re in a surreal dream. But things are getting all too real for small business owners.

It makes my heart sick when so much love, effort and skill is forced to shut its doors. Through no fault of anyone’s we’re all in a very unique situation. And I’m excited to see how we pull together.

Perhaps COVID-19 will bring out the best in some? We’ve seen the disappointing hoarding and the news constantly. So instead lets focus on some good news. How about some free ecommerce setups to compensate a bit of the small business losses?

We’re passing it forward in the best way that we know how. Let me know how you are making a difference to someone today!

Free E-Commerce Shop Setups

I can create e-commerce shops… but the shops struggling right now are’t going to be able to invest chunks of money into web development. So we are offering free e-commerce set-ups.

You will receive:

  • e-commerce template (pre-done)
  • wordpress website
  • sub-domain and help pointing the dns (or we can use your domain if you have one)
  • professional tutorials (by WP101)
  • anti-spam, backup and contact plugins
  • 4 pages: Shop, About, Contact and single product template

Financial Agreement/ Small Print 

  • You are responsible for your own hosting fees ($15/mo).
  • Support, tweaks, changes and anything outside of the shop, is not included in this offer

Did you close due to Covid-19? Then you Qualify.

This offer is available to anyone who had to close their brick and mortar business due to Covid-19.

To qualify, you must:

  • have a brick and mortar store, office or service
  • have been required to close your shop(whether due to the law or voluntary compliance with social distancing) due to covid-19
  • do what you can to promote social distancing and keep your employees safe

How does it work?

There are a ton of options in ecommerce setups but for the sake of expediency we’re using WooCommerce, with Stripe as payment provider. We are selecting the template and installing basic plugins and tutorials.

See the form below for more information on options.

Once it is transferred to you, you are free to change it to represent your brand.

Start Here:

  1. open a stripe account
  2. complete the form below (you will need a stripe account)
  3. email me a photo of your shop, service or office ([email protected])
  4. wait for a welcome email with instructions, 2 – 4 days
  5. watch the videos to learn how to add your products
  6. tell everyone about your new shop!

How to find help

Helping others with WordPress is what we do – for a fee. But with some hardwork and dedication you can learn everything you need to know completely free of charge. Here are some great resources to learn about WordPress, other than the videos that are in your shop:


Get your WooCommerce Shop here

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