4 Astoundingly Accurate and FREE Website Monitoring Tools

One of the important parts of our retainer service is the website monitoring that it includes.  This is included for our clients and we are sent the notifications so we can get on the problem asap. But if you are not on our retainer service, check out these free tools.

Each one of these is reputable and FREE! Can’t beat that!

Jetpack Free Website Monitoring

A common confusion with jetpack is it’s connection to WordPress.com.

WordPress.com (the big company) produces the same software that other hosts use (software downloaded from the website: wordpress.org).  But WordPress.com is the version that has the founding company running it and doing all the tech stuff for you – it is a freemium model. You get a free blog by logging in.

Jetpack is another freemium plugin that they have released. The website monitoring is free to use. Other add-ons are available in their premium tier.

You can use Jetpack on your self-hosted WordPress site. But you will need to create an account on WordPress.com (yes, the one with the free blogs). This is needed just so you can connect your self-hosted blog to the big daddy servers on WordPress.com.

Make sense?

Uptime Robot

This free website monitoring tool is a new and upcoming company. They are a freemium model offering a free version with monitoring every 5 minutes. For the premium plan you get checking every 1 minute and it is  only $4.50/mo for the early adopters… it is likely to go up in the coming years.

You early adopters will like this one!


Another freemium website monitoring tool, this one seems to offer deeper reporting in the free plan. This one will give you stats on the full page load, the time to view, and also the server stress. The reports are likely to be fairly geek-ified.

But if you have a fairly geeky son-in-law or hubby, this might be the one for you.


This website monitoring tool allows for a free plan as well. This is a simple interface, easy to view, easy to use. If you’re a visual person this is the one for you. Go to the pricing page and get in on the action!

This is another relatively new company, early adopters will be all over this one!

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