Google Penalizes Recipe Plugins

Yesterday Leigh Anne notified me of this thread she found. It seems to be that there are a number of sites that google is penalizing. The owners of those sites will receive an email notice like so (or similar):

Google has detected structured markup on some of your pages that we believe violates our structured data guidelines. Because incorrect information lowers the quality of search results for users, rich snippets will not appear in Google Search results for pages with incorrect structured data markup. This manual spam action has been applied to We suggest you update the incorrect structured data and file a reconsideration request once you have fixed your site. After we determine that you have complied with our guidelines, we will remove this manual action.

Any recipe plugin can causes these errors if used incorrectly.

Are you at risk for a Google Rich Snippet Penalty?

Do you put more than one recipe card on a page? If yes – then yes – you are at risk of a google penalty. If no – then no – you are not at risk of a google penalty.

So keep your home page and archives for excerpts, teasers and/or images. And keep your recipe cards on individual posts or pages. And you’re golden!

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