Growth Strategy & Consultations

If you’re the go-getter type and want to run things yourself, WordPress is just the thing for you!  With the information on the web and a little time you are off to the races! When you get to the spot where your time is too valuable for the learning curve, that’s when we can help.

We offer a huge array of services to help you grow. The most popular these days, is Growth Strategies. These take anywhere from one week to 12 weeks and can include coaching and VAs to help execute your plans. It all depends on where you want to go and how fast you’d like to get there.

Growth Plans Process

This is what it looks like if you’re interested in working with me (Cathy Mitchell) for a growth strategy and consultation process.

  1. Together, we complete your application – and see where you are at currently with any marketing efforts.

2. Secondly, I do a few audits of what is working and what is not. And take a look at analytics and the history of items you have tried to create a recommendation, and to see if a growth plan is what you need right now.

If we agree that a growth plan would be helpful, we start the following:

3. Review your organization framework and set SMART goals.

4. I get to work and prepare your 3 month growth plan (3 months is minimum) and Present it one week later.

5. During that three month time, we meet regularly (depending on budget) and I’m available in our exclusive chat room to answer any questions Monday to Friday. My highly trained and professional VA’s are also available to help you implement any of the strategies that we talk about.

We review, tweak and look for ways to create efficiency in your day-to-day work routines.

6. We celebrate small wins along the way – and we really celebrate the end of 3 months of hard work!

Growth Plans Deliverables

Growth plans include strategies unique to your situation. They are based on many years of market research, experience with bloggers and doing the wrong thing myself. Maybe I can save you a few headaches!

These are only some of the possible strategies that we have up our proverbial sleeves:

  • on-page seo
  • content cornerstone pages
  • on-page optimization for user experience
  • on-page optimization for ads
  • redo of the menu and navigation for user experience
  • online networking events
  • giveaways and sweepstakes
  • email marketing
  • nurture sequences
  • funnels for products
  • expanding income sources to include other avenues like merchandise, events, public speaking, etc
  • brand & media pitching
  • creating a new / different social media platform
  • social media selling
  • social media marketing / push
  • video marketing & youtube
  • blog posting
  • offline marketing in local print media
  • and a lot more

Growth Plans Do NOT Include

  1. We work primarily with bloggers in a mainstream topic from beginner to 1 million pageviews/month. If you do not fall in that category, contact me and I can refer you to a great friend who can help you.
  2. We do not do paid marketing ie: facebook ad management although we can recommend someone who does when you’re at that stage.
  3. We do not do off-page SEO marketing ie: ‘getting’ inbound links.
  4. We do not work with illegal, adult-industry, gambling, crypto-currency or streaming websites.

Schedule a Free 30 min Consult

If you’re interested in exploring this further, please schedule a 30min consult on my calendar here: