How are you YOU in your market?

This is me - being me. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about how to be “me” as it pertains to this little biz of mine.  I whole-heartedly agree with writers like copyblogger, and Chris Brogan (Human Business Works) and a host of others who believe that in this market where we’re drowning in information, trust will inform a lot of the purchasing decisions.   And trust is formed pretty simply – in relationship.

I can attest to the strength of a personal relationship by the referrals we get.  Although, 99+% of our clients come from personal referral, what is interesting is that most of those come from people with whom I’ve spoken over the phone.  To speak on the phone is different from email – by miles.

This week in fact, we came out with a great mockup for  And then, after speaking with Lizzy on the phone a couple times, I was able to take what I knew of her and re-vamp the design to something she liked even more.  It is just easier to know someone over the phone.  I’m still pondering that one.

How do you take time to be YOU in your market?



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