How to use Headings for SEO

Welcome to the “Heading Block” lesson. We’re going to cover how to use Headers – these are very important blocks for SEO. It is the one that tells search engines what words are the most important on this page.

The title of the page is usually the most important words that Google is looking for. So H1 is your Heading One and there should only be one on the whole page. For H2’s, you can have a few more on the page.

For example, within your H1 you’ll might have two or three H2’s; within each H2 section, you could have a few H3’s and so on.

They are all in a hierarchy and it’s important that you keep it that way. Now, if there’s a style that you really like, you can’t choose that heading just because you like the style. Okay? It’s really important for SEO purposes that you don’t do that.

If you need to change the styles of your headings, you can do that through the Kadence Block plugin – Advanced Headings.

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