Block Editor Classes for Bloggers

Are you scared to try out the block editor?

Tired of googling for answers?

Are you frustrated trying to make it work?

Do you wish you could ask someone:

  • what does this do?
  • how do I add a picture? Is it the right size?
  • can I switch back to the regular editor if it doesn’t work for me?
  • where’s my cursor?
  • why is this so slow?
  • where did the buttons go?

If so, we created this class just for you! We’ll go step by step through the following items:

  • turning on the editor
  • switching to a block editor and back again
  • when and how to convert a post from classic to block editor
  • how to find block settings and the regular post settings
  • the difference between blocks, patterns and reusable blocks
  • how to add a title
  • how to add a paragraph
  • how to add an image

And that’s just the first class!!

We will cover everything you need to know – from the very first time you open the editor.

Beginning on September 15th, we will be releasing 1 class on the Block Editor each week for 6 weeks. The first 3 are generally beginner content and the last 3 are great for advanced users.

Block Editor Class Descriptions

For Absolute Beginners

Block Editor for Absolute Beginners: this class is designed for the blogger who is afraid to open the new editor. We will walk through it together. And you’ll end up with your first practice post in the block editor. We will only use the blocks that come built into WP. And we will cover how to switch back and forth so you can continue to use the Classic Editor until you feel comfortable to remove it.

Who’s it for? Anyone!

Available Now!

Basic Blocks for Beginners: this class will start where Absolute Beginners left off. We will continue to go through all the basic blocks in this class: headings, lists, quotes, pull quote, table, verse and embeds. We will start to go into using Reusable Blocks and Plugins to find and use more blocks.

Who’s it for? This is a good introduction to Advanced Blocks class. Before joining this class, you should be comfortable using paragraph and image blocks.

Available now!

Basic Blocks for Beginners
Advanced Blocks

Advanced Blocks: In this class, we will go through more advanced blocks from the Kadence Block plugin (free version) and Yoast’s SEO plugin (free version). You will learn how to format pages correctly, with the least amount of work while keeping within your brand. You will learn what schema is, and how to use schema blocks (How To and FAQ blocks) correctly.

Who’s it for? I recommend this class for intermediate block editor users. If you’re comfortable using and navigating among the blocks in the Block Editor, you’ll enjoy this class.

Available Now!

Blog Layout for SEO: Blogs have a wide array of SEO guidelines. We will go through the most common ones, covering headers, breadcrumbs, author blocks, meta and info tags, galleries, recipes and video embeds. We will touch briefly on readability, accessibility and speed. We will use the Recipe block from WP Recipe Maker (free version), Yoast’s SEO for WP plugin (free version) and Kadence Blocks (free version).

Who’s it for? You will need an intermediate understanding of the block editor for this class. Join Absolute Beginners, Basic Blocks & Advanced Blocks for a great introduction!

Available Now

Blog Posts for SEO
Landing Pages & CTA

Landing Pages & Call to Actions: We will begin to dive into the use of forms and landing pages in this class. We will cover MailerLite, MailChimp and ConvertKit plugins and forms. Most of your other email marketing companies will have similar instructions. We will touch on best practices for an email sign-up landing page; and cover funnel basics. We will use Kadence Blocks plugin (free version) and you will need an email marketing company, free or paid account.

Who’s it for? You will need to have covered the content in Blog Layout for SEO to not fall behind in this class. We go beyond the actual adding/editing of blocks and into theory and layouts in this class.

Coming October 13

Cornerstone Page for SEO: This is an exciting and cutting edge class! We will cover theory and practice in this class for content cornerstone pages. We will get into post grids, layouts, call to actions, and SEO. You will end the class with one of the most important pages on your site. We will use Kadence Blocks (free version), SEO by Yoast (free version), and your email marketing company forms.

Who’s it for? This class is best preceded by Landing Pages & Call to Actions. Each class builds on the previous, introducing new theory and blocks.

Coming October 20

Cornerstone Page for SEO

The first class is a 30 minute video of me walking you through each step. You will pause the video and work with me, each step of the way. You will need 30 – 45 minutes to complete the class.

Price: free

Format: Recorded Video, Transcript, Worksheet, Notes

Support: We will have a students-only Facebook Group for answering your questions.

Time: Start and stop whenever you wish. The classes are yours to keep.

BONUS! Notes & Cheat Sheets

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