HTTP to HTTPS and Social Share Counts

We’ve been talking lately about the importance of changing from HTTP to HTTPS: Forcing WordPress SSL. This post will cover how to keep your social sharing counts while switching to HTTPS. (see the tutorial for forcing WordPress SSL here.)

The reality is that when you switch from one url to another your social sharing counts ‘reset’.  The reason is simple: the social networks can’t tell that http://myurl.com is the same as http://myNewurl.com.

The same rule applies if you switch ‘protocols’ ie: http to https. If you do this, you will loose all your previous social sharing counts and everything will revert to zero.

[clickToTweet tweet=”HTTP to HTTPS will revert your social proof to ZERO unless you use this plugin ” quote=”HTTP to HTTPS will revert your social proof to ZERO unless you use this #wordpress #plugin “]

But the fantastic folks at Social Warfare have fixed this problem. They have been able to add up the old link and the new link together to get one total.

So if you had 20 shares on one post in HTTP, and you switch to HTTPS and next week get another 10 shares, the buttons will show that you have received 30 shares.

Of course there is a caveat! Because of some geekiness, the old url’s share count is only available for Pinterest and Linkedin so far… I’m keeping an eye on the social warfare blog for Twitter and Facebook! But right now, the counts for Twitter, Facebook, Yummly or any other service will revert to zero.

To get this social share count adding feature you need to use the premium version of social warfare (aff link), which is $29/year which is an ah-maz-ing deal! (Here is our service to install for you.)

NOTE: if you discontinue using Social Warfare, you will loose those added counts. So in the example above, your post will show 10 shares. (or whatever number of shares have been received since the transition to https).

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